Newsletter – 28 December 2015

Greetings to all! After an absence of seven months while on a book promotion tour of the Western Cape, our circumstances have now normalized and we are able to resume news of current developments. Initially we intended to be away from home for only two months, but the excellent reception we received at Knysna, Hermanus, Stellenbosch, Fish Hoek and Tokai dictated that we extend our stay. This exposure also gave us the opportunity to give some talks along the way; these were very well received by a variety of groups.

 As we bid 2015 farewell, we also acknowledge that it has been one of our toughest years. Many of you are aware of the attempts to assassinate my character and oppose distribution of my book ‘Viscount Down’ because of its exposure of one of the biggest and highest-level military cover-ups of the entire Rhodesian bush war. I questioned in 2010 why it was never publicised that the massacre gang and missile gangs were eliminated; this resulted in an extensive deception and disinformation campaign – which incidentally has no credible evidence that the material content of the book is either embellished or wrong. The fight to preserve the legacy of the Viscount disasters in Rhodesian history is far from over. New evidence that is currently being authenticated will soon be presented, possibly as early as mid January 2016. I will not stand by while Rhodesian history is ‘bent’ at the behest of a few high-ranking officials.

The New Year is once again on our doorstep and our good news is that we have produced a DVD featuring a talk by a Viscount Hunyani survivor, Hans Hansen, about his final minutes in the stricken aircraft, followed by the harrowing experience of being in close proximity to the terrorists that subsequently arrived and the horror of witnessing the ghastly murders of ten of the passengers and crew who survived the crash.  We also have the footage of the inauguration service held in 2012, which requires editing before its release.  We aim to release this DVD by February 2016. 

Our other news is that a formal memorial service for the Hunyani victims will be held on Sunday 4th September 2016, commencing 11am, at the Viscount Memorial at the Voortrekker Monument. The occasion will be attended by the Benoni High School Pipe Band and will feature a fly-past to pay tribute to what became Rhodesia’s 9/11, when 107 passengers and crew were killed on flights RH825 and RH827, downed in-flight by missiles launched by terrorists. A luncheon will be held prior to the fly-past in the afternoon and it is our intention to bring the Hunyani survivors to the service.  More news on this will follow soon.

 Turning to current air disasters to which the Rhodesian Viscount disasters relate: is it not ironic that the Russian-inspired strategy to train and equip Nkomo’s ZIPRA forces to destroy passenger-carrying aircraft in flight in Rhodesia has come home to roost with the downing of Russia’s Metrojet flight 9268 in Egypt on 17th November 2015?  Of course we feel the deepest sympathy for the 224 people killed in the crash, but doesn’t this prove the saying what goes around, comes around?

 In another recent incident, on 20th December 2015, Air France flight 463, with 459 passengers and 14 crew members on board, took off from Mauritius but made an emergency landing at Mombasa after a suspicious object was found in one of the toilets. After all the passengers had disembarked the object was removed and found to be a fake bomb. Since it could potentially have been a real bomb, the question arises whether the current security measures in place are adequate?


Our good news is that our Viscount Team Member, Bronwyn Grey, is now Mrs Bronwyn Grey Fulton -  we congratulate the happy couple for having found happiness in each other and wish them everything of the very best for their future together! On a more sombre note: another Team Member, Dave Scales, has been out of action for several months, engaged in a brave fight against cancer. Dave is more than half-way through his treatment and, due to his diligence and positive attitude, is doing as well as can be expected. We continue to pray for Dave’s full recovery and ask all our Members to join us in our prayers.  Ronnie Murdoch Eaton is now doing better after suffering a mild stroke a few months ago. That’s what happens when you emigrate to England, I’m told! We pray for Ronnie’s full recovery, and again, ask all our Members to do likewise.

In closing, we thank those who have attended or assisted with our Memorial Services to keep the flame alive, that those whose lives were sacrificed to terrorism in the skies, are not forgotten.

 Editor: Keith Nell.  

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