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* The Viscount Hunyani Memorial Service – 7th September 2014

* The Viscount Team – who are we and what do we do?

* What is happening about EDM1029?

* ZIPRA missile gang – Freedom Fighters or Terrorists?

* Craig Bone’s painting and Limited Edition prints.

* Pandora’s Box – We investigate why the elimination of Rhodesia’s 2 most wanted terrorist gangs were never publicized!

* The Book Tour – KZN South Coast. Where and when to find our exhibitions?

• Talk Shows in the making with visuals and audio support.

• The latest on Malaysian Airways Flight MH17.



We extend an open invitation to all relatives, friends and supporters to pay tribute to Rhodesia’s Viscount Victims who were killed in the downing of Air Rhodesia’s passenger carrying Vickers Viscount aircraft.

Our Officials are David Scales (SAS) and Lay-Preacher Alf Herbst (RLI). Following an introduction by David about the fate of the Viscount Hunyani Victims, Alf will commence the service and a message of consolation before the reading by Dave Scales of  both Rolls Of Honour, THAT THEY SHALL NOT BE FORGOTTEN.

This will be followed with the laying of wreaths and flowers and closure with the benediction. 

Please remember that the 107 Viscount Hunyani and Umniati Victims were brutally murdered in an onslaught on the Rhodesian population as a whole to put pressure on the Government to succumb to political demands, and therefore constituted Rhodesia’s 9/11. For this reason, both Roll’s of Honour are always read on these occasions.

 These Memorial occasions are particularly pertinent to keep and preserve Rhodesian legacy of a proud nation that stood alone and fought against terrorism and tyranny to the bitter end. We owe it to the Viscount Victims to show solidarity of our condemnation of these heinous acts of terrorism, especially for the survivors who were bayoneted and shot to death at the crash site.

We are expecting a good turn-out.  A map of how to locate the Viscount Memorial will be published on our website. Please see


In keeping with the two Viscount crashes being only six months apart, we sought advice and decided that Memorial services should take the form of informal gatherings interspaced with formal services every four years from the date of the Inauguration Service in September 2012. To clarify, the next formal Viscount Memorial will focus jointly as Rhodesia’s 9/11 for both Hunyani and Umniati Victims on the 3rd September 2016, and then again in 2020.


The VISCOUNT TEAM was formed as far back as in 2009, when Bronwyn Grey assisted me greatly with the production of my book VISCOUNT DOWN that continued into 2010. Bronwyn, who I was to learn is a graphics design artist extraordinaire, prepared perspectives for the Viscount Memorial which was approved by the Heritage Foundation. The proviso was that construction had to be completed in the space allocated before May 2012.

In 2011 Ronnie Murdoch Eaton joined us to boost our fund raising campaign to raise R 50,000 to pay for the intended memorial. With Ronnie’s enthusiasm, we raised R30,000 but were unable to meet the deadline and forfeited the space allocated to another cause. After a new area was allocated for the Memorial in July 2012, Ronnie assisted greatly to sell 80 Viscount Down hard cover books, which proceeds quickly dissipated into fund raising initiatives needed to build the new Memorial. Moreover, all fund raising had to be done in only SEVEN WEEKS for the Memorial to be ready for the Inauguration service in September 2012.

In 2010, we were joined by Richard Oldridge who was tasked to “break the deafening silence”. Although Richard did a great job of that, we only partially succeeded. The deafening silence was not broken, it was severely interrupted by the SUPER SIX Brit MP’s, led by Kate Hoey and Henry Bellingham who had the courage to table EDM1029 in Parliament in February 2013.

Richard who drafted EDM1029, is applauded for what he did achieve, but unfortunately, he and I disagreed on strategy after February 2013, and is no longer in our Team. The fight to break the deafening silence continues. More on EDM further on  in this newsletter.

In 2012, Cheryl Savill, who has forensic accounting education, was invited to join our Team to assist with the enormous amount of administration, including the reconciliation and tabulation of all 500 raffle tickets sold for Craig Bone’s painting.  Cheryl took a lead in our joint efforts to raise funds to pay for the paving of the Memorial, and Cheryl and her family contributed very generously thereto themselves.


Practically all our Team Members suffered severe personal set-backs during 2013. Bronwyn lost her partner who passed away after heart surgery; Ronnie suffered badly from kidney and gall bladder problems; Cheryl had a bad fall and was incapacitated for 9 weeks before receiving major surgery. My wife Shirley is not a Team Member but assists me greatly, developed dizziness and liver problems that caused nausea and immense discomfort, and in turn, absorbed a lot of our time and money with many days spent travelling to hospital for treatment.  These set-backs have long term effects from which we are all still recovering.      


EDM 1029 called on 650 Brit MP’s to have the moral courage to condemn the murders of 107 persons  when Air Rhodesia’s Viscounts were brought down with SAM-7 missiles fired by terrorists in 1978 and 1979. It is no secret that Britain supported the terrorists, hence “their deafening silence” by those who cowered in silence at the time. Apart from the Super Six, not a single Brit MP had the guts to sign EDM1029 in February 2013, making theirs the Government of today that still hasn’t got the moral courage to condemn one of history’s most heinous acts of sheer terrorism. I wonder what Churchill would have thought about that!

Our intention is to amass several thousand signatures to be delivered in person to support EDM1029 tabled in the British Parliament last year. We already have 2,374 signatures, now WE NEED YOU to sign this petition PLEASE. Please press Ctrl+Click to follow the link:


On 3 March 1978, all political leaders including those in exile were invited to participate in an internal settlement in Rhodesia, the terms of which were for all Rhodesians over the age of 18, regardless of race or colour, to be enfranchised in the 1979 election leading to majority rule within two years under the new constitution which provided 75 seats for blacks and 25 seats for whites in Parliament – exactly what Britain had wanted prior to UDI.

This settlement guaranteed the so-called freedom that insurgent forces had fought for. Six months after majority rule was guaranteed, ZIPRA downed the Viscount Hunyani. Clearly this was not for freedom because that issue was already settled. The real issue was the fight for power between Nkomo and Mugabe. Nkomo had no chance of winning elections with only 18% of the population being Ndebele against Mugabe’s 80% of the Country’s Shona population. The strategy behind the missile campaign was to demoralize the civilian population, many of whom served in territorial units of the Rhodesian security forces, and to accelerate a mass exodus from the country. This in turn would weaken security forces ability to interfere in the private war going on between Mugabe and Nkomo to win an all-out military victory over the other to be certain of winning post-war elections.

Purely on a technical basis, it is a complete farce to suggest that those responsible for bringing down the Viscounts with missiles were freedom fighters. These were committed acts of terrorism,  through and through. In any event, whether an aircraft is brought down by taking over controls in the cockpit, or by planting a bomb on board or by shooting it down with missiles, it constitutes an act against humanity of the worst possible kind, and those labelled as terrorists for doing so, are TERRORISTS. On a moral basis, the murders of civilians for political or religious purposes is even worse.


Craig Bone, our Rhodesian legendary master of wildlife and military fine art, also has a heart of gold. Craig volunteered to illustrate my book VISCOUNT DOWN free of charge and also donated a wildlife painting “MANA RETREAT” worth R 100,000 to raise funds to build the Viscount Memorial. In all, 500 tickets were sold @ R 100 each generating a whopping sum of R 50,000.

The draw took place on 9th February 2013, at the social gathering after the Viscount Umniati Memorial Service in Pretoria. The lucky winner was Mrs Brenda Cook – of the U.S.A. – ticket number 450. Due to freight logistics of shipping the painting to the USA, Brenda elected to choose another painting of equal value from Craig Bone.

Craig has now re-donated MANA RETREAT to be raffled again to raise additional funds needed for the Memorial Fund. The Fund provided for the cost of the Memorial  (R200,000) as well as for maintenance thereof, and for direct costs of promoting and conducting future Memorial Events.


Previous arrangements with the Flame Lily Foundation and Heritage Foundation precluded our access to view raffle ticket transactions in their bank accounts, thereby causing immense administration problems in keeping track of tickets purchased online. For this reason, a dedicated bank account linked to PayPal is currently being set up by a firm of Chartered Accountants and should be functional by the end of September 2014. Until then, raffle tickets will NOT be available for purchase.

A maximum of 500 ticket sales will be made available for purchase @ R 100 each in South Africa and US$ 15 – in other countries. Please watch for updates.


Here is an ideal opportunity to acquire full sized LIMITED EDITION (600 x 800mm) numbered prints of Craig Bone’s famous painting – “MANA RETREAT”. Craig has donated 50 NUMBERED and SIGNED copies of this painting in high class resolution to raise funds for a private cause. Each painting looks exactly like the original, and carries a Certificate of Authentication. Prints are very reasonably priced at R 3,300 or £200 or US $ 350 each, excluding postage costs. 

Provisional orders can be placed with 50% payment and the full balance due on arrival from the U.S.A. in about 2 to 3 weeks time. The prints are not framed.  To order, please send your details to


This is an ongoing investigation currently underway, in which certain documents are coming to light that MAY AUTHENTICATE the allegation of a cover-up.  One only has to look at dates when the terrorist gang that butchered 10 Hunyani survivors were eliminated by our Security Forces, to see that this occurred BEFORE Rev. John Da Costa’s Memorial service on 8th September, 1978. Obviously he did not know that the gang were all killed a few days before! So why was the Nation not told? Surely the Rhodesian population would have been euphoric to know that our Security Forces delivered justice?   

In seeking the truth about what appears to be a serious cover-up, a stout onslaught was made to discredit both my character and book, to the point where no reasonable thinking person could conclude anything else other than that some senior officials are very much less than thrilled about our exposure of the facts. They unwittingly have given themselves away as well as the identity of others who are probably involved. We assure you that an open-minded investigation is in progress to determine the truth. 

So far we have uncovered why the two stick-leaders who were both cited for the bronze cross for their action in eliminating the “massacre’ gang, and never got the awards. Almost unbelievably, this was due to the jealousy of an Officer who missed out on being awarded any gongs himself and had nothing to do with the alleged cover-up.         


We are exhibiting at the Galleria Mall outside the Mugg & Bean Restaurant until 31st August 2014. Our ongoing exhibition movements are displayed on our webpage I will also attend the Scottburgh Mall from 9am to 2pm at the entrance to Pick n’ Pay on Saturday 30th August. On Monday 1st September, we will relocate to the North Coast where we resume our exhibitions. 

In getting to know the exhibition business better, it is evident that hiring expensive Mall space for the minimum requirement of one week at a time is not viable out-of-season along the South Coast. However, we think it possible to exhibit profitably on specific dates and weekends along the North coast and will constantly post updates on the ‘Exhibitions’ page of our website of when and where we will be. 


We are engaged with building a talk-show presentation that incorporates live visual and audio footage to enthrall our audiences. Invitations to present our talks locally or overseas are welcomed and should be emailed to under subject heading “TALKS”. So far, we have conducted talks to small and large groups in South Africa, the U.K. and U.S.A


Nothing has changed about investigations into Malaysian Airways FlightMH17 since the article published in our last newsletter. Fingers continue to be pointed from East to West and visa versa, as to who ‘dunnit’ and why.

To see through the clouds of confusion, we consider the stark similarities between the downing of Malaysian Airways Flight MH17 and Air Rhodesia’s Flights RH825 and RH827. Simply put, the strategy behind bringing down passenger aircraft in flight is to create a massive catastrophe of National dimension to put pressure on the government of a country to succumb to religious or politically motivated stand-offs or to overthrow the government by stirring up internal revolutions to gain it’s mineral wealth and strategic assets. The catalyst is to control airspace by demonstrating the power to strike at will, and to be seen to be the only authority that is capable of stopping the carnage. This was so effective in Rhodesia that history shows it became the blueprint for similar disasters, such as Lockerbie and Twin Towers.

Think along these lines and the situation in the Ukraine becomes reasonably apparent.   For the last few decades, Russia applied the Marxist-Leninist theory that revolution cannot be exported to other countries on bayonets. It must be done by training and equipping the working class of the country in question to do the dirty work, and then to take over the country from them when it is done. There is little doubt that the sophisticated Russian BUK missile system was supplied to Rebel forces by Russia – or that they provided the specialist training that was needed to launch missiles, so who is to blame?

While the guilt is being shifted from one party to another, the air crash investigation into Flight MH17 is successfully being stalled, and deliberately so. Whereas on similar occasions, the aggressor could hardly wait to claim responsibility, this time it’s different. With mounting opposition against terror in the sky and international sanctions facing errant or illegitimate regimes, nobody wants to take the rap. By far, the easiest cop-out is already in progress – i.e. to construct delays and circumstances conducive for confusion to reign and interest to fade in who ‘dunnit’ and then to blame it all on ‘mistaken identity’ by the launch commander. It is much easier for the whole crisis to “go away” if a single person can be blamed rather than the whole Nation. To avoid consequences, it is feasible that some unsuspecting Russian trained rebel launch commander will ultimately become the scapegoat and sentenced to hard labour in Siberia for 20 years, in a gesture to the outside world of their innocence in the dastardly destruction of MH17 in flight and deaths of 298 people.  

Turning to the actual crash site, the critical issue, one would think, is to find evidence on the ground from the wreckage and black box as well as from trustworthy intelligence sources – if any exist. Whether anything will emerge from the ‘black box’ is in my humble opinion, very unlikely. Imagine 74 kgs of high explosive in the warhead of the missile, travelling at Mach 3, designed to detonate within a very short distance of the aircraft flying at high altitudes! Unquestionably, the massive shock wave would blow the plane apart in milliseconds. In these circumstances, how could the ‘black box’ possibly have any time to record anything about that?

Now we read allegations in media reports that Russia will supply the latest “easily upgraded” missiles to the Rebel forces. Could this be the 9m317 missile with much improved jamming immunity and advanced performance capabilities, claimed to be absolutely unrivaled in the world, that won’t be outperformed by competitor models until the end of the first decade of the next century? Why, we ask, is a more lethal missile necessary to replace the existing 9M36 Buk SA-11 Gadfly missile that does the job perfectly?  What is in store for the next round in what is fast emerging as Cold War 2? The mind boggles.

Best regards from Keith and the Viscount team.




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