Newsletter – 15 May 2016

At 4pm today, one year ago, was the worst day I’ve ever had in my life. It was the day the SASA circulated a statement world-wide as follows:
From: Patrick Viljoen []
Sent: Friday, May 15, 2015 3:53 PM
To: Patrick Viljoen
Subject: Viscount Down:
Importance: High

Men of C Squadron 22 SAS
It has been a time of stress and anxiety, and nothing more needs to be said about the controversies, and the impact thereof, of the publication “Viscount Down” written by Mr. Keith Nell.
What is important is to understand that family is greater than we will ever imagine.
Darrell Watt has made contact with me, and he has issued statement hereunder to the C Squadron 22 SAS Family, and indeed to the world.
I have given Darrell my word that I will ensure that, as a family, it is great to see him firmly under the canopy, and we will watch over and protect him regarding any further recriminations over “Viscount Down”.
It takes a man of great guts and fortitude to make the conscious decision that “Something is rotten in the State of Denmark” {Shakespeare: Hamlet Prince of Denmark}.
The statement below has been sent to me, and I commend it to you. Not only that, but I would like to ask that the open arms of the SAS family welcome back into the fold a Man of Honour.
We have had an amazing family response to the Terry Dawson Appeal. We have had amazing unity and excitement about the move of the Plinth. My appeal to you all is this:
“C Squadron 22 SAS is a family. We are here for the well being of each other. Keep it that way. Whatever we think, say, do or write must honour this. Let us commit ourselves afresh to truth, and the memory of our fallen”
Statement from Darrell Watt
I have today had discussions with John Padbury who was the Special Branch officer in charge of the Security Force Auxiliaries in the Urungwe TTL, regarding the contact we, the SAS, had in the Urungwe TTL. It is clear from my own recollections, my understanding of military procedures, and John Padbury’s diaries, that I was misinformed and misled by the author of Viscount Down who said we were sent to look for and hunt down a missile group based in a village west of Karoi. After the successful contact, I received no written knowledge or confirmation from any source that the missile gang had been eliminated.
I am satisfied that the group we made contact with was not the Strella group, neither did I see or collect any diaries relating to the Strella group.
Therefore, I withdraw any support for the book Viscount Down and it’s Author and apologise for any misunderstandings this may have caused.
The full details of the contact will be revealed in forthcoming publications
Darrell Watt.
14th May 2015
For, and on behalf of
The Chairman and the Committee C Squadron 22 Special Air Service Regimental Association
1. The aforesaid statement by Darrell Watt referred to by me as the “CTF” (crossing-the-floor) statement, was circulated world-wide by the SASA and Mark Adams for the last year on various websites including Gooodreads, Amazon, Facebook and Google.

2. In the interests of somewhat reclaiming my integrity prior to a pending court case, I wish to state that the account of the missile gang contact in my book was obtained directly by Hannes Wessels from Darrell Watt in Zambia at least TEN YEARS before it was offered to me for inclusion in my book.

3. Furthermore, that I emailed the full text of this contact to Darrell Watt for his authentication that it was accurate and could be used in my forthcoming book. There is hard evidence to show that Darrell Watt approved the text in full and gave me the go-ahead to use it in my book. (Ch32 Viscount Down).

4. Therefore I could not possibly have misinformed or misled Darrell or anyone else about this contact.

5. I am of the opinion that the CTF statement was prepared for Darrell Watt and that he accepted it for reasons he has given in a statement of retraction made in or about August 2015.

6. To the best of my knowledge, the retraction announcement by Darrell Watt was treated as a matter within the Unit and was not ever publicized or circulated by the SASA, either to it’s Members or anywhere in the public domain and find this deplorable.


I have noted that Brian Robinson has relied on my statement to David Padbury to repeat the accusation that Andre Scheepers, Keith Nell and I are liars. In the light of this I regret having agreed to do as John Padbury asked me to do acting on a request from Grahame Wilson. At the time I was under pressure and my daughter was receiving hate-filled messages from Mark Adams and his supporters and I wanted an end to this. Mr Padbury assured me it would end if I agreed to make the statement. It has not ended and I now regret my decision.

In the statement I am quoted as saying “I was misinformed and misled by the author of Viscount Down who said we were sent to look for and hunt down a missile group based in a village west of Karoi.” I can only reiterate what I have said all along. Keith Nell told us he had ‘hot’ information from his best informers that the ‘strela gang’ was in the village. He could not have known for sure because that is impossible but he convinced me they were and I phoned Garth Barrett who gave me permission and we went and killed them. I then reported what had happened to Garth Barrett and Grahame Wilson.

I am also quoted as saying “It is clear from my own recollections, my understanding of military procedures, and John Padbury’s diaries, that I was misinformed and misled by the author of Viscount Down who said we were sent to look for and hunt down a missile group based in a village west of Karoi.” This might lead readers to believe I have seen the ‘John Padbury diaries’. I have not. I would like to because I am assured they will reveal that I am a liar but I am still waiting!

“I am satisfied that the group we made contact with was not the Strella group, neither did I see or collect any diaries relating to the Strella group.” I regret this. I don’t know if this was the group and may never know but am still waiting for someone to prove it was not. I do not remember seeing any diaries or documents but Andre certainly does.
I have wondered for a long time if there was a cover-up. I am now sure there was and I am sure it is continuing and this is why this has turned into a lot of trouble. I am not sure why Brian Robinson is involved. He would not have known about this contact because he was not informed.


To my opponents and other critics who chose to “kick the dog” without checking the propaganda designed to shut me and my book down, evidence of the massacre gang contacts CT1 and CT2 were written by Rhodesian Security Forces Members who were involved in the action themselves, either directly or in a support role on the day. These accounts were corroborated with other sources prior to inclusion in my book. They were not written by me.

Whenever it is claimed by some in the public domain that the main content of my book is a fraud and a work of self aggrandizing fantasy fiction, the question should be asked “Who is lying, you or those whose accounts are in my book”?

Much new evidence has been obtained that supports the veracity of my book and completely destroys the propaganda campaign against it. Here is some evidence to tide skepticism over the massacre gang contacts until the time is right to deal thoroughly and mercilessly with the rest. (The rest of my evidence is with my Attorneys as a measure of safe-keeping in case of need).

I John Arthur Boulter, ID No, 4102205113087 resident at Oslo Beach Chalets No5 Oslo Beach, telephone 0396854626 , do hereby declare under oath that:
1. I am the retired Battery Sergeant Major, Force Number 723749 of the Rhodesian Arty. In which I served for 14 years in the Rhodesian Army, and confirm that I helped Sgt AJ Ahlers and Ray Beamish with the filling in of the official reports of the contact of nine terrorists which were killed in the Urungwe Province on or about the 5th September 1978.
2. The reason I helped were due to the Sergeants not having filled one in before as all other contacts they had it was not necessary for them to fill one out.
3. I certify that the Sergeants Ahlers and Beamish and the debrief prior to the contact report being made out, reported that watches, rings, jewellery and small bottles of alcohol from the Viscount Hunyani on the 3 September 1978, were found on the nine terrorists they killed.
4. I confirm that the Special Branch Officials took the weapons for testing and all the equipment, including the items mentioned above plus the nine bodies.
5. I confirm that the significance of this contact was never publicized, I do not know why not.
6. I am aware that Members of the Unit were told by Special Branch that there was a match between the recovered weapons and the shell cases taken from the Hunyani crash.
7. I know and understand the contents of this declaration and find the oath binding on me. I certify that the contents of true and correct.
Signed: JA Boulter
Date: 19 November 2 015
Place: Uvongo.
Sworn before me at Uvongo on 19 Nov. 2015

From: j&l padbury []
Sent: Saturday, August 22, 2009 6:05 PM
To: Keith Nell
Subject: Re: Greetings
Briefly at the moment I am also still married to Lynette – I am sure you met her. We have 4 sons (2 married with one child each) and a daughter – not married yet.
I am running a property maintenance business in the UK – big enough to support us.
I am on skype and will contact you through that – I am on my way out now, probably tomorrow.
I always believed the success of our operation was the good training the men got and learned a lot from your patience, perseverance, dedication and skill.
I will contact you later but am afraid I have to go out now.
It really is good talking to you again.
Look forward to talking,

(PENDING – WILL BE SHOWN SEPARATELY – (When I can work out how to do it smile emoticon )

Please note that the 8 CT’s mentioned in the citations were derived from first contact reports recorded early in the day. A 9th CT was found dead in the reeds later, hence the variation between 8 and 9 bodies found.


Consequent to nothing being publicized about successful counter-action, the unwitting white population perceived that the internal security situation had become insurmountable and left the Country in their droves. When the second Viscount crashed five months later, news that the gang responsible was eliminated was also not publicized. Emigration figures doubled overnight, further crippling Rhodesian Security Forces (RSF) ability to put boots on the ground to defend the Country. All was virtually lost and we all know what treachery awaited Rhodesia at Lancaster House talks several months later.

Not surprisingly, certain high ranking officials who may be implicated in or have knowledge of these cover-ups, have embarked on a campaign loaded with deception, disinformation, false statements and dirty tricks to assassinate my character and discredit my book. In the course of their agenda, a lot of deception was exposed, credibility was lost raising the need for someone else to take over the dirty work “in the public interests”. Enter one Mark Adams with a self-confessed objective to shut me down as well as my book, DVD’s, radio interviews, talk shows, exhibitions and the Viscount Memorial Team down by any means.

It is true to say that lies told often enough will eventually be believed, which is precisely the strategy used for the false allegations and disinformation campaigns to be believed. With relentless dedication and no conscience, these malicious attacks were articulated to thousands of people across the world via the internet on various webites, Facebook group pages, Goodreads, Amazon and Google, where I have been portrayed me as a liar, deceiver, self gloried fantasist, fraudster, con artist, bloater, stolen valourist, embellisher and a disgrace to the Relatives of the Viscount Victims and Rhodesian history.

For the duration of 2015 my opponents tried to prevent me from giving talks and exhibiting at shopping malls by harassment and interference wherever we went. Adams advertised for people to let him know where we were, to encourage confrontations and picketing at our exhibitions. It would only take one of these incidents for shopping malls to decline our applications to exhibit anywhere so we couldn’t advertise where we would be, and neither could we stay anywhere for longer than a week.

As the vendetta spread, so too did opportunities dry up from people and places where we were welcomed before, including invitations to talk shows. Whether the propaganda campaign was believed or not became immaterial; the mere fact that the controversy was tearing the very fabric apart of the kindred nature and good reputations that Rhodesian people were known for, was enough to seal our fate. Suddenly at the age of 76, the good reputation I had earned over the past 50 years was damaged beyond redemption and my wife and I were left high and dry with no income, all of this to protect the ego’s and reputations of those implicated in the cover-ups.

Unfortunately the legal process may take years rather than months that can’t wait for my good reputation to be restored and for Relatives and friends of the Victims to be consoled that those responsible for the murders of their loved ones were dealt the justice they deserved. Let me make it clear, that I am not prepared to re-ignite the merits of the controversy or to enter into argument in the courts of the public domain.

Those who claim that I have lied; that I wasn’t there; that the contacts never happened with false claims and screeds of disinformation and corrupt agendas, be assured that you will be brought to book to face the consequences. This is not a threat, it is a promise. Even if I have to walk the ends of the earth to find and bring you to account in court for your evil campaigns and despicable conduct, it will be done. If I’m not around for any reason, my Attorneys and family have all the evidence needed.

For further edification, please refer to my blog page
Keith Nell
15 May 2016.

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