The Author – Keith Nell

Keith NellKeith Nell is a first time author who served in the Rhodesian SAS during the height of the Rhodesian bush war and was personally involved in locating and eliminating the Viscount Gang.

His career path is highlighted by numerous and varied adventure experiences in Southern Africa and other continents.  He has not only ridden with the Hell’s Angels but has also dined with a President and a King.  Many exceptional things have happened while doing no more than innocently getting on with life. Among other, he was responsible for saving the lives of those onboard a 40ft ocean going yacht in wild seas when it was struck by a 16,000 ton freighter. While taking photos of the Graf Spey’s anchor In Montevideo, he was arrested for allegedly being a spy and thrown into jail.

In Buenos Aires, he suddenly found himself in the crossfire of an attempted coup.  In Rhodesia, he got involved with rescue operations in the Wankie Mine disaster in which 427 miners perished. In South Africa, he located a 14 year old girl who was missing for 5 days. Typically he was the first to arrive on the scene of a collision between a train and a bus with critically injured passengers.

More latterly, he awoke one day to find an erroneous deposit of R885 billion in his bank account, while on another occasion, he found himself penniless on the street after losing his savings and property to a fraudster.

After leaving Zimbabwe in 1980, he built up a security company in Johannesburg with legendary results and conducted private investigations into serious and violent crime. So successful was his company that it became the subject of a television documentary that was produced and screened by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to all French speaking countries.

Following semi retirement in 2002, he conducted overland safaris for four years and then settled down to write his memoirs, including those of the Viscount disasters and his experiences as a private investigator.

For a letter of Authenticity of the book from Air Crash Investigator and Viscount pilot – Roy Downes Click Here

For authentication purposes, Keith’s photo and name can be found on the official Rhodesian SAS website. (  Keith considers that he has done no more than what is expected of people who have dared to win.


It is not the critic who counts
Nor the man who points out how the strong man stumbled
Or where the doer of deeds could have done them better
The credit belongs to the man, who is actually in the arena
Whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood
Who errs and comes short again and again
Who knows the great enthusiasms
The great devotions
And spends himself in a worthy cause
Who at the least knows in the end
The triumph of high achievement
And who at the worst
If he fails, at least fails while daring greatly
So that his place shall never be
With those cold and timid souls
Who know neither victory nor defeat.

-Theodore Roosevelt-

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